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Who Knew Hondas Were So Roomy?

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A few weeks ago, there was a message board post about Shaquille O'Neal hopping a ride with a fan (who's apparently named "Donger") from the Suns' parking lot over to his Diesel mobile in the next lot. The veracity of the story was questioned, even though the fan had photographic evidence of the occasion which were posted online. Inside Hoops tracked down Shaq to get the real story about what happened that night and the big fella confirmed every single bit of it:

Yeah, that was real. I bought this big-ass truck in Phoenix, and I was meeting my wife to get something to eat. I couldn't park it there, so I had to park way across the street, and you know it's hot as hell in Phoenix. So this kid wanted an autograph, and I told him, 'if you want an autograph you have to give me a ride,' so he gave me a ride across the street.


Shaq gave the kid his autograph and the kid paid him back with a ride. Then if the photo above is to believed, he and The Donger crossed the honeymoon threshold and consumated their relationship in the back of his Honda.

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