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Who Knew Strange Things Happened In Long Island?

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OK, probably time to get into this New York Islanders mess. As you surely have read by now, the Islanders fired general manager Neil Smith and hired current backup goalie Garth Snow to take his spot. The move seems curious from all directions; even Snow seems to be receiving a demotion, since he had to retire from a contract that had two seasons left at $750,000 a year. It's incredibly bizarre, and it makes us feel inadequate because we don't know the NHL well enough to put it in perspective.

Fortunately, there is the great Off Wing Opinion, which has the comprehensive look at this debacle from all angles, and the consensus is clear: The Islanders actually seem more poorly run than the Knicks, and that's just a staggering statement to make.


Remember: They hired a guy to be GM, fired him after one month and then hired the goalie.

Smith Out, Snow In As Islanders GM [Off Wing Opinion]

(UPDATE: Puck Update has some rejected GM candidates. Party on!)

(SECOND UPDATE: By the way, after the jump, a couple of photos of Snow and what he might have done to celebrate his new gig.)

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