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Who’s Stupid Enough To Fall For A Mark Sanchez April Fool’s Prank? Take A Wild Guess

Remember how I said yesterday that people have become immune to online April Fool's jokes? Well, I should have left STUPID people out of that stance, like Jason McIntyre and the New York Post.


Two pranksters who would like to remain anonymous emailed me today to tell me the story of how they fed McIntyre (of The Big Lead) a bullshit story about Jets QB Mark Sanchez dating fashion model Katarina Ivanovska, a harmless rumor that's fifty times more enjoyable since it's patently false. Our pranksters explain the process of getting McIntyre to take the bait.

This happened on the one day of the year when you should believe NOTHING. And he still bit.

The first email was sent at 11:11 a.m. yesterday wanting to know if McIntyre was interested. He was, and the name of Sanchez's "new girlfriend" was sent along with a story about how the tipster had both seen them at the gym and found out the girl's name through a buddy who worked there.

The model was chosen at random off an image search. The gym location was pulled off the internet, and chosen because it sounded nice and was in Manhattan.

He emailed back. He suspected an April Fool's joke, but asked a.) how this was revealed, and b.) was she Facebookable. This passed for verification in his world.

At this point, the plot looked spoiled, but another email was sent back to him reiterating the connection, avowing honesty, and providing a google search returning real live results for the model's name. The model. Who was real, chosen totally at random, and could be in Paris for all anyone knows.

He emailed back saying that he was running with it, and that if it was "a 4/1 joke" we would "die."

A final email from TBL arrived saying "Nice work."

Here is the post, and here is a screen grab of it in case the link is disabled.

Bonus points to Jason for spelling Ivanovska's name wrong in the body of the post.

Now, the fun part. This was in today's Page Six.


Delightful. Suddenly, I believe in April Fool's Day all over again. Somewhere, Buzz Bissinger is pissing his shit.

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