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Who Would YOU Trust To Get The Right Supplements In Your Body?

In life, I guess it's best to stick with what you know, which is how a guy like OJ Simpson ends up trying to sell books about how to kill people. Along those same lines, it makes all the sense in the world that Bill Romanowski, former linebacker and admitted steroid abuser, is launching a "supplement" company called "Nutrition 53."

You can go ahead right now and get yourself Nutrition 53's flagship product, a mental energy drink called Neuro 1 that claims to help improve memory recall, endurance, creativity, reaction time, and sexual stamina. From this press release:

Romanowski decided to develop Neuro1 while on his lengthy search for a product that could help him recover from his 16 years and countless concussions in the NFL. After a challenging search to find options, Bill decided to take charge and set forth to develop a product for those seeking energy and cognitive support in a great tasting nutritional beverage.


Romanowski's Crazy Motherfucker Juice is available right here.

Also available are bottles of Romanowski's saliva, which you should always keep handy in the event that you run into J.J. Stokes and don't want to waste your own saliva on his face.

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