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Who's A Good Boy? UW's New Puppy Mascot, That's Who!

Screenshot: YouTube

BOOP BOOP BOOP. Puppy alert. Incoming puppy. Prepare yourself according to protocol for the viewing of a puppy video! Here is the puppy:

This little champ is Dubs II, the next live mascot of the Washington Huskies. Mostly he is just a bright and brave and miraculous little pooch, just as worthy of adoring YouTube videos and website attention as all the other pooches, but as pretext for this particular appearance on a nominal “sports” blog, he’s also “training to learn his mascot duties,” and just you wait until he’s mastered those! has some helpful bullet points about this here good boy, including that he knows how to sit and has almost figured out the whole potty training thing. Dubs II will be the 14th live mascot in Huskies history, after Dubs, the current mascot, retires after the 2018 football season.


Here is a video of Dubs II, or “Dubs” as he’s known to friends, meeting his new family:

Dubs II: a good boy.

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