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After reading both Chuck Klosterman's excellent ESPN: The Magazine cover story on Barry Bonds and steroids and John Heilemann's less-excellent but still compelling essay in New York Magazine, we are officially over-intellectualized when it comes to steroids. There are all kinds of points to be made on every side of the issue, and, frankly, we can't take it anymore. We will have no more high-minded debate of this topic. It is time for torches and storming the castle and burning in effigy ... it's time for good old fashioned mob rule.

Thank goodness, then, for Juiced Or Not? (link via Baseball Musings). The premise of the site: We shall know who is/was on steroids not by drug tests, or court transcripts, or anything else but simply: We think he/she did it. Therefore, he/she did. It's not scientific, it's not fair, but it sure is definitive, and at this point, we're so exhausted that that will work just fine with us.


So we encourage you all to head to the site to vote, and submit your own nominees. Because all this moral ambivalence is killing us: We just want to know whom to boo.

Juiced Or Not? (via Baseball Musings)
The Breaking Point [ESPN]
Let Juice Loose [New York Magazine]

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