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Who's Smooching In The Background Of Rajai Davis's Interview?

As Rajai Davis was talking to Fox Sports Detroit during today's Marlins-Tigers game, a player wandered into the frame, waved at the camera, sat down, and smooched a gal before the two left. The reader who gave us the heads-up believes it was Joe Nathan, and it sure looks like him.

Here's the best image of the player's face:


Our panicked tipster noted that Joe Nathan appears to still be married to Lisa Lemoncelli, who clearly isn't the woman in the video. Would Joe Nathan be so dumb as to wave at a camera then make out with a woman who isn't his wife in front of said camera?

Nah. Nathan appears to have split with his wife. The woman is Cristy Jones, and the two have been together for a least a couple of years. Here's a photo of them at some event from 2013.

They also went to Busch Gardens last Thursday. Fun.


Anyway, mystery solved.

[Fox Sports Detroit]

H/t Matt

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