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Who's The Mysterious Extorted St. Louis Athlete?

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The Smoking Gun just posted an amusing report about a St. Louis athlete being extorted for supposedly impregnating some guy's daughter. (Those are usually who are impregnated.) The code name for the player is "P.A."

Soon, one of the athlete's sports agents was negotiating with [the father] to pay $25,000 to "obtain a DNA test to establish paternity." If the child was the athlete's, he was prepared to pay [the daughter] an additional $125,000. In January, a second agent for the athlete traveled from California to St. Louis to deliver the $25,000 payment to [the dad]. Days later, [the dad] called the second agent and claimed that Laura had suffered a miscarriage, but that he was still demanding the $125,000 payment. If he didn't get the money, [the dad] warned, he would file a legal claim against the athlete and "make P.A.'s affair with [the daughter] public." It was at this point that the athlete and his agents apparently first contacted the FBI.


They haven't said who the player is, but hey: Gotta be David Eckstein, right? Wee!

Athlete In Pregnancy Shakedown [The Smoking Gun]

(UPDATE: It might not necessarily be a St. Louis athlete, by the way. Other teams come to St. Louis to play occasionally, we hear.)

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