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Why Are Video Games So Goddamn Hard To Make?

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I am the kind of ungrateful video game consumer who will instantly write off a game if it has just a single, microscopic bug within it. “Whoa hey, the picture just skipped a frame! What kinda of fat slovenly losers designed this piece of shit?!” Of course, the reality is that making a video game, even a bad one, entails a backbreaking amount of thought and man-hours, so much so that developers tend to flame out about as quickly as your average NFL running back. Imagine putting in 20-hour days of coding just to appease a bunch of gamers. Jesus.

Anyway, the making of your video game sausage is the subject of this week’s Deadcast, featuring Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who wrote an excellent book on the subject called Blood, Sweat, & Pixels. Jason is also a Jets fan, so he has an innate understanding of people doing horrible shit to themselves.


Ah, but that is not all. We also talk about the GGG/Canelo fight, the Mad Pooper, and we answer YOUR questions about fighting bears, fans running a sport, and modern warfare. Whee!

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