Continuing our recent habit of saving our favorite stories until the end of the day, a rock band named Machuca was playing a show in Santiago, Chile. As tends to be the case for bands on tour, they gave a shoutout to the local soccer team, in this case, the University of Chile. Turned out to be a bit of a mistake; the crowd was full of Colo Colo supporters, the University of Chile's archrivals.

You can probably guess what happened next: The crowd rushed the stage and starting beating the piss out of the band. The video shows the guitarist taking a particularly brutal shot to the head.

This is nothing new to American sports, of course; who can forget the time G.W.A.R. showed up at Yankee Stadium and started up a rousing rendition of "Sweet Caroline?" We thought they'd never sneak Sleazy P. Martini out of that place alive.

Hello Cleveland! [CourtTV]