Of all the World Series-related emails I received on my day off—and my goodness there were a lot of them—I think this was my favorite:

Subject: Please, stop the madness I’m begging you, please stop. I’ve already gotten tired of hearing about the “long suffering Philly fans.” 25 years is nothing. I’ve been alive for 25 years. There are Cleveland fans who are approaching 50 that haven’t seen a Cleveland championship in any sport, and we have the three major sports (Honestly, can we stop referring to hockey as a major sport? Major sports don’t have the first two games of their championship series on SpikeTV.) Every one of these stories about the “25 year drought” is like a dull knife slowly digging into my skin. 25 years isn’t a long time. 1964 was a long time ago, the 80s weren’t. Chris Cleveland fan

I feel ya, buddy. (Except for the hockey crack. That was uncalled for, but you're upset, so I'll let it slide.) It's time for someone else to step up and assume the mantle of the plucky, heartsick city that just wants to see its boys bring one home for a change. Minneapolis has gone longer than any town with all four sports, but Buffalo has never seen a title of any kind, and yes, Cleveland is currently the most futile city in America. (124 combined sports seasons without a trophy.) Ease his pain, someone! So whose 90-year-old grandpas will get to cry the tears of sweet release next? What town will see its eight-year-old children woken up in the middle of the night so that they can experience what their fathers never could—the joy of being a winner. When will the Lions win a freaking playoff game already!?! Sure, we have the Red Wings and Pistons, but those aren't real sports! Come on, you're killing me over here! Gaha;hhaAAA! • Cities That Deserve Championships [The Arena]