Why Did A Dodgers Employee Make A Happy Kid Hand Over A Foul Ball Today? (UPDATED)

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video 001.3gp [www.keepvid.com]

We all know times are tight for the Dodgers franchise. But there's only one person who knows why a kid who retrieved a foul ball during the sixth inning of today's game against the Phillies was forced to part with a lifelong souvenir. The world demands answers, mean Dodgers employee who probably handed the ball over as a gift to a lovechild after the game was over. (H/T Panico2)

UPDATE: A reporter at the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles got a comment from the Dodgers about the video: "Dodgers told us the usher was goofing around and gave the kid the ball back, we will report that information in our sportscast at 11 p.m." So, if you're in L.A. or thereabouts, check out KNBC tonight.