When Dennis Rodman flew to Rome on the heels of a Vice-organized trip to North Korea (a week later the DPRK abandoned a 60-year-old ceasefire agreement, so, strong work), we all kind of assumed that this was part of Rodman's new career as a diplomat. The selfless Worm, just working for international relations and religious harmony. Not so.

Today a spokesperson from Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, which is known for stunt advertising, confirmed that Rodman's trip was organized and paid for by them to drum up attention for the company. Rodman is at the Vatican, they said, to “spread the gospel of pope betting.”

This is slightly disappointing to anyone who hoped that Rodman actually took an interest in major world events, rather than drifting from camera to camera in search of attention and a paycheck. He doesn't even sound particularly invested in the Papal Conclave, telling reporters that he has no “mission,” or even a favorite.

He added he doesn’t really care who wins the papal election, just as long as “you believe in what he says and what he does.”


Regardless, Rodman told everyone to bet on Peter Turkson of Ghana becoming the first African Pope. The conclave JUST NOW sent up white smoke, so we'll see.