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Why Is Maria Sharapova Hitting Novak Djokovic In The Balls In This Video?

Well, this video of Maria Sharapova slamming Novak Djokovic in the balls appeared on Spanish newspaper Marga's website earlier today.


And where did the video come from?

This Italian site says that the video was filmed in the run-up to the Olympics for a commercial for Head. We're not exactly sure if this is what happens in the Head commercial—the above video is in Russian and this guy seems to believe this is all part of the script for a commercial—or if this Head's attempt at trying to manufacture a viral video.

Sharapova and Djokovic have been accused of goofing around at Head's behest before. And then there was Roger Federer's hit-a-bottle-off-a-guy's-head trick, which was ostensibly a candid behind-the-scenes moment during the filming of an ordinary Gillette commercial. Federer successfully hit the bottle off the dude's head, and virtually no one believed the video was real or unplanned.

So what's the logical next step? Hit a guy in the balls.

Either way, enjoy it: Sharapova takes a serve, Djokovic writhes in pain, etc.