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We remember Ron Mexico's contrite, emotional press conference from August, when he nearly broke down and talked about his love for the Lord. We found it an impressive confession. His initial confession was a bit less graceful.


It all came down to a bad polygraph.

During that interview an FBI polygrapher found Vick was being deceptive in denying he killed dogs. After Vick's lawyer, Billy Martin, was told this, he asked Vick about the failed test. At that moment, Martin told Hudson, Vick broke down.

"I did it all," Vick said, Martin related. "I did everything. If you need me to say more, I'll say more."

That initial hesitance to take responsibility was the reason the dog-loving judge hammered Vick yesterday, and why he's gonna ESPN's gonna make a lot of money off the Arena League in 2010.

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