Why We Love Soccer: The Long, Impossible Circus-Like Goals

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At first I figured this had to be one of those doctored Gatorade commercials, like the one in which the ball girl climbed the outfield fence for a foul ball at a minor league baseball game. But no, apparently it's real. Here's New York Red Bulls rookie goalie Danny Cepero following his 81-yard goal on Saturday at Giants Stadium. Yep, 81 yards. Follow the bouncing ball, after the jump (feel free to add your own BOOIINNNG! sound effect). Click to view Cepero was making his MLS debut, and was in the game replacing regular goalkeeper Jon Conway, who had been suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing substances (this happens in soccer?) The free kick — the first goal ever recorded by a goalie in MLS history — eluded Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum, who, if he'll take my advice, will begin drinking heavily. New York beat the Columbus Crew 3-1. I'm trying to think of an American football equivalent to this feat, and all I can come up with is this: Terrell Owens catches a 90-yard touchdown pass, quietly hands the ball to the ref and doesn't say a word about it. Cepero Makes Historic Debut For New York [New York Red Bulls]