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Thanks to Grant Hill, another interesting piece of Olympic basketball lore has risen to the surface. Yesterday, Hill went on the Dan Patrick Show, and talked about how nobody on the 1996 Olympic basketball team wanted to be the team's leading scorer, because that person would automatically have to submit to a drug test.


Hill explains:

It was actually pretty funny - nobody on the team wanted to be the leading scorer in those games, in the Olympic games. Because whoever was the leading scorer, ended up having to be drug tested.

And the reason for that is the drug testing process, you'd be there for two hours after the game. And so nobody wanted to be there and have to go through that whole process.

So if you watch those games and you watch the highlights at the end of the games, everyone is being super unselfish passing the ball. Because no one wants to shoot (laughs).


So now we finally know how to sublimate the alpha dog mentality of an NBA player: Threaten him with a two-hour wait and a piss test.

[The Dan Patrick Show via The Basketball Jones]

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