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Why Your Fans Are Weird: The Bunny Man Of Yankee Stadium

We've seen the Bunny Man at enough Yankee games over the years to know he's got season tickets, and the felt rabbit handpuppet is doing his thing 100 percent of the time. Throughout the entire game the bunny sits on his lap, watching the game—he moves the puppet's head to follow the action on the field. It's disconcerting.

You can't see it in this video, but the Bunny Man also wears headphones throughout the game. Big old Walkman-style headphones. We assume he's listening to the radio broadcast of the game, because the bunny will nod along in agreement with a dialogue only he can hear.


A companion once theorized that maybe the headphones are the only things that block out the bunny's repeated pleas to burn things. We didn't feel like asking.

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