Why Your National Radio Host Sucks

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OK, there's no such feature, really. But maybe there should be. Our first honored guest could be (drum roll) ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd, who is currently taking broadsides from a variety of directions over his use of a stolen comedy bit on his show on Wednesday. Burnt Orange Nation has been on this from the get-go, so we'll let them bring you up to date.

During Wednesday's show on ESPN Radio, Colin Cowherd read to his listeners a copy of "the real Wonderlic test." The questions, obvious parodies, were funny and a hoot for his listeners. The problem? He didn't write them. The questions were written by the excellent Michigan bloggers over at M Zone. Did Cowherd credit them for writing them? Absolutely not.

And here's where it gets good. When The M Zone folks wrote to Cowherd and asked for a little credit, the ESPN host responded rather, um, tersely.



Needless to say, blogs have been buzzing ever since, with the best takes appearing over at Every Day Should Be Saturday, MGo Blog and of course at The M Zone itself. Here's the original piece, posted at The M Zone on March 1. Another Cowherd response can be found here. As for us, we get a kick out of how Cowherd said he "found the piece on the Internet," like he was walking down the street and happened to spot it in the gutter.

A note — once again — for those of you who read "the Internet." The "Internet" is produced by people, human beings; it is not something that just appears, zap!, out of the ether. When you read something on "the Internet," it was written by someone, a person who has a dog, eats cereal in the morning and pays his/her electric bill. It didn't just show up; it belongs to someone. You can't just take it. It's pretty amazing we have to keep saying this.


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(After the jump, by the way, a sample Wonderlic test for Cowherd from HockeyDirt.)


1. When you read an interesting column online or in a newspaper you should:

a) add it to the list of accomplishments on your resume

b) sent it to your Mom to show her just how smart you are

c) re-type it and shop it around to various publications

d) fire off an angry letter to the editor claiming that you thought of everything in the column first

2) When you get caught stealing something you should:

a) go with the Palmiero defense; "Let me start by telling you this: I have never stolen anything, period."

b) go with the teenager defense; "I didn't steal it, somebody sent it to me, I have no idea where it came from!"

c) go with the Bonds defense; attempt to tarnish the reputation of your accusers, claiming that they have a hidden "agenda"

d) call your accusers whiners who need to "get over it" and generally behave like a jerk.