Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
You thinking pizza now?
You thinking pizza now?
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As a great American thinker has honked: We’re back. Drew and I have both returned from our time away from the podcast and pretty well recovered from the indignities that the sun inflicted on our ghastly and rapidly deteriorating indoor bodies during that absence. I am not trying to oversell anything, and I absolutely encourage you to take some time away from work as soon as you can justify it, but given that Papa John has been fucking up nonstop for an entire month and we haven’t been in the same place to talk about it for roughly that long, it’s fair to say that we came out ready for fucking war in this one.


But of course, this podcast is not war. This podcast is the two of us being idiots for 45 minutes, usually in some vaguely sports-aligned way, and so while the resulting Deadcast vibrates at a fairly high frequency, it still covers the usual territory too. We talk kind of a lot about our shared enemy Bob of Bob’s Discount Furniture, how wives be caring about sunblock, and assorted other strange gripes. An because sports are almost sort of happening again, we also discuss the broader Why Your Team Sucks project, the sad ongoing Urban Meyer Thing, and Rex Ryan as a delicious poisoned hoagie. There’s some Alex Jones stuff too.

In the interest of ethical journalism I will note here that the Van Halen song that was featured in and then removed from the classic Saturday Night Live Schmitt’s Gay Beer sketch was not “On Top Of The World”—a corny Van Hagar song that also exists—but “Beautiful Girls,” off 1979's Van Halen II. I regret the error.

I regret all the errors, always. I can’t promise that this will ever mean fewer errors. The point is that we’re back. We’re back.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.

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