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Why's Vick In So Much Trouble? Because He's An Idiot!

As we note the wide variety of products sold in the Falcons team store, we continue our daily dance with your friend and ours, Michael Vick.

Even though there isn't much funny about what Ookie and his pals are charged with — we remind you once again to read the full indictment, just to see the depths of depravity the government is accusing Vick of — there's still plenty of comedic highlights in the indictment's wake. First off, anything that brings these two great tastes together is worthy of considerable applause.


But our favorite quote about Vick has to come from Sports Illustrated's Don Banks. The issue is not that Vick is a horrible person; the issue is that he's a moron.

"He's not very bright at all,'' the source said of Vick. "And that's a big part of his problems. He's a very unintelligent person and he makes poor decisions because of it. It's not a white or black thing. Paris Hilton is an idiot, too. Mike Tyson was totally dumb, but for a long time his trainer kept him protected from his worst mistakes. You have to have someone around you who can protect you from yourself at times.''

We're not sure how being an idiot would spur someone to slam a dog to the ground until death, but we do imagine being an imbecile could, potentially, lead to problems.

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