Your morning roundup for May 6, the day Willie Mays becomes an octogenarian.

• An 80-year-old woman and two-year-old boy remained hospitalized after a riderless wild horse decided to jump into the crowd at the Grand Annual Steeplechase at the Warrnambool carnival. It was described as "a hell of a spectacle." [Herald Sun] []

• In keeping with just the type of exciting playoff round for which the NHL league office lusts, the Vancouver Canucks defeated the Nashville Predators 4-2 last night. They now lead Nashville 3-1. Context: Among teams trailing/defeated in the second round, the Predators are the only one that's won a game yet. [Vancouver Sun]

• That's of secondary interest, though. Of primary interest is taking a moment to watch what happens to the cameraman who decided to film the Predators ice entry from the middle of a mechanical-fog cloud. [Outside the Box]

• Washington Capitals owner and semi-colon enthusiast Ted Leonsis knows that, in the wake of getting swept out of the playoffs by the Lightning, "people are emotional; angry; and demand change. I understand. The best course of action for us though is to let a few days pass; be very analytic about what needs to be improved; articulate that plan; and then execute upon it." [Ted's Take]


• Ron Artest was suspended for Game 3 of the Lakers series against the Dallas Mavericks because of this. [Los Angeles Times]

• Could Gus Johnson have already been restored to his NCAA tournament glory? [New York Daily News]


• With a 12-inning win at Oakland, the Cleveland Indians won their first series on the A's turf since 2002 and matched their best 30-game start in franchise history. The Indians now have seven wins in their final at-bat. "Asked why that might be, [catcher] Lou Marson said, 'I haven't a clue.'" [Plain Dealer]


• See, all Dodgers fans don't beat opposing fans into comas out of their stadium. Some dress all scantily, manage to distract the Cubs bullpen and get a ball for their efforts. Not that it matters, but the Cubs won 5-1, and the starter ceded the lone run. [Vin Scully is my Homeboy]

• Bryan Stow needs more surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Police have yet to catch his attackers. [Support 4 Bryan Stow]

• A U.S. Court of Appeals order puts Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis back on the ballot for a New Jersey state senate race. Until the state's governor starts publicly shaming the justices's families. [Philadelphia Inquirer]


• University of Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari has "formally accepted the head coaching position with the Dominican Republic's national team." []

• Channing Frye of the Phoenix Suns watched from afar as someone was talked off the ledge of a bridge from which they threatened to jump to their death yesterday. Frye tweeted a bunch about the experience. [Twitter] (H/T Ian C.)


• The Badminton World Federation wants to drum up interest in its hobby by encouraging female competitors to wear whorey gear. This, they say, isn't sexist because it has "never been the intention to portray women as sexual objects." The federation says players uncomfortable with the move can "continue to wear shorts, tights or tracksuit bottoms if they wish but simply wear a skirt over the top of the shorts." [] (H/T Tomuban)

• Braga and Porto will play for the N.I.T. title of European club soccer on May 18 after respectively defeating Benfica and Villarreal in the Europa League semifinals yesterday. [Guardian]

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