Wild Times In Fayetteville

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So you know last week, when all that information about Arkansas coach Houston Nutt came out thanks to a resourceful fan? Well, even though national media has been strangely loathe to report on it — "Only WE can file federal FOIAs!" — the news has apparently made it back to the Nutt home, because Diana Nutt, the coach's wife. wrote a long, rambling letter in Houston's defense. A snippet:

The "haters" North of us have their armies busy 24-7, attacking us and constantly blindsiding us every chance they can. It doesn't take much to generate the "mob mentality" these days. At this point, I have lost track of the false allegations against Houston and the number of resignation/firing deadlines that have come and gone. I know that anyone with any intelligence can see through all of this every time a new story rolls around. And NO, Houston has not had an affair with Donna Bragg! ... Everyone that knows me, knows I'm not nearly as nice as my husband. I tell it like I see it and don't add much sugarcoating.

We're not gonna get into the complexities of Arkansas football because, frankly, we don't care, but we'd like to note that a program that has fans who file Freedom Of Information Act requests on their coaches to find out who they're calling on their cellphones, inspiring their wives to fire off spirited defenses of their family lives ... well, jeez, what the heck is going on down there?

By the way, if we're a coach at a public university, and we're using the company cellphone ... we're probably a little terrified right now.


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