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Will Cuban Ban The Almighty ESPN?

The Dallas Mavericks have a huge game tonight with the Los Angeles Lakers, and, whether Mark Cuban lets any bloggers in or not, we'll certainly be reading all about it on about 1,000 blogs. (OK, maybe 100.) Throwing down his gauntlet, Henry Abbott from ESPN's True Hoop is making the trip. He seems to know that he's not going to have locker room access, which means we should be in for a fascinating post tomorrow, presuming Henry's willing to push it. Will he? Is it worth it?


That is to say: We love Henry's site, but we're not sure what ultimate point will be made. Abbott is just as justified to be in that locker room tonight as he was before he went to ESPN — he's just as respected and diligent as he has always been — but that's the undercurrent of Abbott's trip. Sure, you'll ban bloggers, Cuban ... but will you ban an ESPN blogger?

We hope there's some sort of scuffle with security. But we have our doubts. Good luck, Henry.

Off To Dallas [True Hoop]

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