Will Sheridan played for Villanova from 2003-07, or what we call the Allan Ray Heyday.

Where fellow Wildcat mainstays Ray, Mike Nardi, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, and Dante Cunningham went on to careers in some kind of professional basketball, Sheridan decided to embrace his musical side.

This, writes tipster Eric, is the result:

Dear sir or madam, If MC Hammer had sex with shitty house music, then that lovechild mated with Grace Jones, I'm pretty sure you'd get W!ll Sheridan's "Welcome to the Jungle." At first I hated it and now I can't stop watching. Please pass this on to the noble patrons of Deadspin so that they may enjoy it as much as my friends and I do.


So we shall. Enjoy, people of Deadspin. Especially you, Scottie Reynolds.

Former Villanova Player Will Sheridan Releases Music Video [The Nova Blog]