Diamondbacks are now understanding what Cubs fans went through last week; they're experiencing a series where absolutely nothing goes right, and it's pretty much over before you had quite adjusted to the fact that it had started in the first place.

What the Rockies are doing is unprecedented of course, but what's really striking is that they don't seem to be breaking much of a sweat. There wasn't a moment last night in which you weren't convinced that Colorado was going to win. There was no drama, not much doubt; when the game was tied, it felt like the Rockies were up by three runs. And when they were up by three, it felt like six. And we're talking about the Colorado Rockies. They might be sucking the drama out of their games, but a winning team wouldn't have it any other way. They've got a chance to clinch a trip the World Series this evening. We're not even sure Bob Melvin doubts, at this point, that it will happen.

The Joy Of The Steamroll [Fair And Foul]