Will They Make It Rain On Pac Man's Face?

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Pac Man Jones made his professional wrestling promotional debut last night, and, well, he's doing a pretty good job, because here we are, writing about him.

Weirdest thing, though, is that the promotional angle has pushed over into the real world; the man who was paralyzed in the famous Make It Rain strip club shooting is a former professional wrestler, and some guys are threatening to really hurt Pac Man.

When Pacman Jones makes his first television appearance in professional wrestling, George Petraski wonders if the tables will be turned on the Titans cornerback. Petraski and his friend Tom Urbanski have been pro wrestlers. They were also co-workers at a Las Vegas strip club on Feb. 19 when a melee was followed by gunfire that hit Urbanski and paralyzed him from the waist down.

Petraski said he wonders if TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett "has something up his sleeve" for Jones. Petraski said he and Urbanski have worked with Jarrett in the past. "Maybe the joke might be on Pacman,'' Petraski said. "Because Jeff knew us and he knew Tom and maybe he is saying, 'Hey, this guy is a clown, let's get him in here and hurt him.' In the wrestling business it's called a 'shoot,' and that is when it is real, when they try and take you out. A lot of guys know Tom, and us guys in wrestling are like a clique. They might beat Pacman into submission."

This was an angle we had not considered; we are intrigued. We're still not buying the dumb pay-per-view, though.


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