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Will We Ever See A Return To The Glory Days Of Colts-Patriots?: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

We have four more games left on the day and three more begin right now. OK, fine—due to some scheduling rejiggering this year, there is actually one more right now and then two more in the coming 20 minutes, but you get the point. We've actually got a pretty solid selection of quarterbacks this late afternoon and evening so let's enjoy, everyone.

New Orleans at Oakland (FOX): If you're looking for something to ponder while watching this game, Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt has got you covered.

Since 2005, when someone allows 50 or more to be scored on them, and they come back home the next week and play, that team is 5-1," Vitt said by conference call with Bay Area media.


So there's your silver lining, Raiders. Courtesy of your soon-to-be-vanquished opponent (according to stat geeks, anyway).

San Diego at Denver (CBS): This is the game most of the country will be watching, so we'll all finally get to see that 421st touchdown pass from Peyton to pass Dan Marino and settle into second place, all by himself, in NFL history. Then there is San Diego.

On Sunday, Chargers outgained Tampa Bay in total yards by 426-279 and manufactured 23 first downs to the Bucs' 12 - and San Diego managed to lose the game.

Indianapolis at New England (CBS): For quite some time, this game was CBS's marquee game. How could you go wrong with Manning and Brady? The teams were always in the thick of the AFC playoff hunt and, in a generation where we've seen the game become totally quarterback-driven, these are the two teams that proved it. They may not have won every year, but they were always right there sniffing. Now, Peyton is off playing what used to be Philip Rivers and the Colts (and CBS—hello, Jim and Phil!) hope Andrew Luck can pick up where Peyton left off.

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