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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Just a friendly reminder that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue hits newsstands this week. I'm guessing that there won't be any "hockey erotica" involved.


Much like the Pro Bowl, this annual rite of February sort of loses its relevance once you're old enough to use the internet unsupervised, but a certain bit of nostalgia and fascination still holds sway. Plus, it occasionally includes famous lady athletes in addition to the anonymous half-naked models so the sports connection does still exist. (These "leaked" shots of pretty tennis players suggests that tradition will continue.)

By the way, the young woman above is named Brooklyn Decker and you will probably be seeing a lot of her if you still have an SI subscription. Or you are currently sitting in a tree outside her home. (Pic via


Sneak Pics: Tennis Ladies in SI Swimsuit Edition [Off The Baseline, via SbB]
Odds For Who Will Land The SI Swimsuit Edition Cover [YepYep]

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So what did we learn today? The Red Wings still rule, the Spurs can still play, the Cavs are still human, and the Pro Bowl still sucks. As Sundays go, it was not the most riveting of afternoons, but that's post-Super Bowl doldrums for you. If only the media could be convinced to discuss Alex Rodriguez, the upcoming week might have something in store to keep you occupied.

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