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William Perry, Keeping Busy (And Incognito!)

In case you were wondering what William "The Refrigerator" Perry was up to these days, now that the offers to box Manute Bol have dried up, here's one of his main promotional opportunities: Big Camo, "the world's BEST outlet for HARD or IMPOSSIBLE to find BIG and TALL camouflage hunting clothes, accessories, shooting gear and workwear."

The Fridge, the most high-profile living member of the last Chicago Bears team to reach a Super Bowl (now that Walter Payton and Mike Ditka have died; apologies to Mike Singletary, by the way), appears comfortable in his camo outfit, and, because he's wearing camouflage, almost entirely indistinguishable from his surroundings. Honestly, we barely saw him there. Deer beware!


We enjoy the Fridge, by the way, because he's a relic; he's from a time when a 370 pound football player was actually considered unusually large.

Big Camo [Official Site]

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