Your morning roundup for March 15, the day our preschools no longer adequately prepared our children for Princeton.

•The NFL is "suggesting" potential top picks not attend the NFL draft next month, and promising to recreate the experience for them. If things keep up, every single draftee will get that unique NFL experience of not reporting to training camp on time.

•Chris Bosh led the team with 30 points and 12 rebounds, and just three weeks after the Spurs embarrassed the Heat, Miami hands San Antonio their worst loss of the season. The Heat are a dominant-looking 3-0 since Bosh demanded more touches, making us wonder what the hell the gameplan was for him for the first 64 games.

•The Nets play spoiler, knocking off the Celtics for their fifth win in a row. Boston's loss drops them into a tie for the East's top seed, with Miami only a couple of games back. Essentially the three teams everyone predicted, not helping the regular season seem more important.

•The rationale for the Carmelo trade was that superstars win in the NBA. But what if Wilson Chandler was the superstar of the deal? Paced by his 21 points in a win over New Orleans, the Nuggets are 8-2 since the trade. Now if only they could spell his name right. (Screengrab by TBJ's Tas Melas.)


•How do you know a man's not really sorry for the right reasons? When he phrases it: "I sincerely apologize for what we've been through." Jim Tressel, everyone!

•Dana White says he's not sure if he'll fold Strikeforce into UFC, or let the two go on competing as separate entities. He may just wait until Fedor is completely washed up, and force him to fight some super heavyweights.

•The NCAA Women's Tournament bracket is out. They don't start play until Saturday, so plenty of time to get your office pool going.


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