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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: David Lee's owie could have been much worse.


Lee joined KNBR in San Francisco to talk about the infection in his elbow that sidelined him for eight games, how doctors thought they might have to cut out his triceps muscle because antibiotics weren't working, if it's true that Monta Ellis reacted negatively to Vladamir Radmonovich's recent speech to the team about its practice habits, and what needs to continue and what needs to change for the Warriors at this point in the season.

On his injury:
"This injury went from something that I thought was going to be a two-day situation to all of a sudden they were saying 'we might have to cut your triceps muscle and you're never going to play again,' to 'you're fine.' It was a very scary situation, and I learned how serious infection can be. Looking back on it, I think the only way we could have prevented was by not going back in the game in New York and just sitting out. And at that point, there was nothing that indicated it was going to be very serious, so that wasn't really an option."


On potentially having to have his triceps muscle cut out of his arm:
"It got to the point where they said if we can't find the right antibiotics to counter the bacteria that you're going to have to start getting things cut out of your arm, and you may never have the same arm to play basketball again. My left arm was my shooting arm. And really, I was only out for two and a half weeks, so all of this happened in that short of a time period, so it happened quick. I was just in disbelief half the time. I'm just glad the worst didn't occur and I'm back able to help the team now."

On if it's true that Monta Ellis reacted negatively to Vladamir Radmonovich's recent speech to the team about its practice habits:
"I'd say that was blown out of proportion a little bit. I can tell you one of the main strengths of our team is chemistry, and unfortunately we've had some injuries and haven't been able to be at full strength. I've been on teams in the first five years of my career where chemistry was not one of the strengths of the team. So I can tell you that's not an issue. We have plenty of issues that we have to deal with like every NBA team, but chemistry is not one of them. Guys get along real well."

On what needs to continue and what needs to change for the Warriors at this point in the season:
"We need to continue to, we're hanging in there on the backboards with teams, and we get Ekpe back next game which is going to also help. We have our great depth inside. We need to continue to play unselfish like we are. I think our defense has got to get back to where it was in the first six to eight games. It doesn't always show up in the stats, but our effort is always there. But we need to get better with our execution, and as you know, it's a lot easier to execute when you're on the road versus Toronto then when you're on the road against San Antonio with the level of talent, not to talk bad about any team, but just the level of talent that's on the floor at all times. You can say I'm going to trap off the pick-and-roll, but when it's Tony Parker coming off the pick-and-roll, it's easier said than done. So we've got to continue with that though, because if we can play solid defense and hold teams to 45 percent or below, we're going to score enough points to win. It's just about making that dedication on the other end. I think we've been doing that effort-wise, we just need to work on our execution a little bit."

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