Wilson spouting off on humanity of Antonio Brown is insulting and, yes, even DangerRuss

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Spare us the lecture, Russ.
Spare us the lecture, Russ.
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Further illustrating how the NFL has outlined our utter failure, if not caused it, was professional and self-appointed morality-sensor Russell Wilson clamoring for the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown. I can’t really add any more to this than DeArbea already did, but Wilson needing to chime in is truly rich.

The idea that Brown is on his “second” chance instead of his eighth or sixteenth is insulting to anyone who has any shred of humanity left. Wilson feels he can enter the debate because he’s a quarterback, which puts you just below mayor in most cities — above in some places — and Wilson gets to add to that his already saturated sense of piousness because he made such a big deal out of not fucking Ciara for a time.

Wilson either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, all of the horrendous things that Brown has either done or is accused of doing, and even if he does know it’s just part of some “redemption” arc that every sports entity runs to in order to justify employing a genuinely shit-ass person. They’ll be the ones to set him straight, don’t you know, because our locker room/clubhouse is full of good characters. And hey, if we don’t, we can squeeze some catches and first downs out of him, which is what we’re really after anyway. But as long as Wilson says it’s OK, every Seahawks fan can justify it to themselves in the moral wheel-pose every sports fan has to put themselves through time to time.


Russell Wilson isn’t any different from any other empty-headed pastor preaching to you because he claims he feels God channeling through him.

They’re both full of horseshit, but because Wilson makes the Seahawks good, no one who matters will ever call him on it.