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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Meet Austrian two-time Olympic bronze medalist Rainer Sch nfelder, shown here shooshing about at a crisp 0.5 degrees Celsius, his privates most likely resembling those of a laboratory mouse. Don't worry girls, it's only shrinkage! See you at the lodge! Thank God the bears are hibernating and didn't have to see this. You are not so lucky.


It all came about on Wednesday due to Sch nfelder losing a bet of some sort. The only other details we know are these:

Austria head coach Toni Giger said he did not think Schoenfelder would be sanctioned for the stunt. "I have no problem with nudity in general," Giger said. "I haven't seen the pictures but no one was hurt. ... This was typical Schoenfelder behavior."


Alrighty, then.

Your move, Bode Miller.

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