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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

With Gábor Király's Official Sweatpants, You Too Can Dress Like A Soccer Dad

Photo via AP
Photo via AP

If you, like us, have found yourself enchanted by the look of Hungary keeper and sartorial rebel Gábor Király, you are in luck. Király actually has his own line of goalie gear that he offers on his online shop, where you can buy a pair of his trademark sweatpants:


The shop does appear officially sanctioned, as it lists Király’s wife, Zsanett, as the managing director. At 8,000 Hungarian Forints, or less than $30, the sweats are an absolute steal.


That’s not all Király has to offer. You can buy an assortment of t-shirts, gloves, water bottles, hats, and bags on the site. Király himself purports to have had a hand in making sure the products that bear his likeness meet his exacting standards, as he explains here when discussing his brand’s backstory, as run through Google Translate:

A lot of people were looking at by looking gray sweatpants, I wear what kind where to buy. Szombathely slowly 15 years ago, we established that the family of the Király sports facilities, which will place the Király and the Király Sports Association Goalkeeper International School as well. These three units K1RALYSPORT leads the team, so they’re my colleagues encouraged me, if that number is already looking into your own Collection are cut. From design to construction work in progress in all I actively took part.

The logo can K1RALY after getting out of the European Championship örömfutásom movements appear. The number 1 refers to the mezszámomra. The gray tracksuit bottoms became, in which I was eager to defend: comfortable and durable. In addition, the European Championship in the spirit of cherry red and white t-shirt is made, the last three games back of the first date, their matching baseball cap and water bottle and a sports bag. In my experience, using specially towards the goal and developed the post-interested K1RALYOS kapuskesztyűket.

I hope you receive your approval of products and are happy to wear them!

Yours faithfully Sports: Gabor Király

h/t James Horncastle

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