With Josh Allen Hurt, The Bills Will Start Not Nathan Peterman

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Rookie quarterback Josh Allen has an elbow injury, and bad quarterback Nathan Peterman shit his ass last Sunday, so the Bills will now turn to old quarterback Derek Anderson for their Week 7 game against the Colts.

It is not a coincidence that head coach Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane, who both had jobs with the Carolina Panthers before going to Buffalo, picked a guy they knew. Anderson, who was Cam Newton’s backup for seven seasons, last started a game in 2016. He had two starts that year. His second lasted for exactly one pass attempt, which was a pick. Anderson hasn’t won a game as a starter since 2014. The Bills signed him 10 days ago. He is still probably better than Nathan Peterman (but significantly worse than Colin Kaepernick).


The Bills did have another quarterback near the end of preseason: A.J. McCarron. He signed a two-year deal with the Bills in March. He hurt his shoulder in Buffalo’s second preseason game, and the fear was that he might’ve broken his collarbone. He didn’t, which meant the Bills could trade him to the Raiders for a fifth-round pick as teams cut down their rosters. The Bills sure could use him now, instead of a 35-year-old who’s been with the team for a little over a week.

Here is the nicest thing a Bills teammate can say about Derek Anderson:


Maybe he’s starting because the Bills would’ve all pulled a Vontae Davis if head coach Sean McDermott insisted on starting Peterman—who has thrown an interception on 11.4 percent of his 79 career pass attempts—one more time.