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With Obama, Even His First Pitch Skews Left

It's an opening day tradition unlike any other: making fun of the president for his horrible ceremonial first pitch.

After committing the jersey faux pas of mixing a White Sox cap with a Nationals jacket, Obama sailed it, and only a 6'2" catcher saved him the ignominy of a wild pitch.

A little high. A little high and outside," a grinning Obama said after his high, arching throw to Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.


He said he was "a little disappointed" with his pitch and criticized his own form when the broadcasters replayed it.

"This is heartbreaking right here. Released it a little high, a little early," Obama jokingly lamented as the announcers replayed his throw.


Still, he's a lefty who can reach the plate. There's got to be work for him in someone's bullpen.

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