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With Zero Redeeming News Value, Here Are Some Glamour Shots Of Logan Morrison (And Ladyfriend)

There is a lesson in here somewhere, if you look hard enough.

Logan Morrison is a man who lives his life through social media. Even those of us who haven't watched a Marlins game all year know who he is and what he's about, because he's so open and real on his Twitter account. But it's a generational thing—just about every high school and college athlete has a Twitter or a Facebook, and they use it like normal young men. But when they hit the Big Show, they tend to close up. When you're famous, there's no longer the desire to have every little bit of your life put out there. Especially when it comes to your loved ones.


We hope Logan doesn't change. We like him and we like what he does. But he's rapidly learning what life under the internet's scrutiny is like. A life where the professional photographs you had taken with your long-term girlfriend Christie end up running here, because we find them interesting, and his fans will too. You can blame social media for anyone seeing these—they're up on Facebook for all to see. But not from Logan's (semi-secret) account: Marry Me Photography in North Carolina took the pictures, and as an added bonus uploaded them to their own Facebook page, presumably so Logan and Christie could share them with friends and family.

Let's return to the lesson here, and I urge you to take it to heart as you browse photos of Logan and Christie hanging out on the beach. It's not that professional athletes shouldn't get cheesy glamour shots like these. It's that no one should get cheesy glamour shots like these.


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