Photo: TMZ Sports

Albert Belle was arrested for two counts each of indecent exposure and DUI at a soccer game in Arizona Sunday, but a man who was there says the former baseball player was taking a piss behind the door of his car, only he pulled his pants all the way down.


TMZ Sports got a photo from witness Ron Swindells, who said he was leaving the game and stopped in traffic when he saw the five-time All-Star’s bare ass. According to Swindells, a woman nearby was angered by the sight of Belle’s butt and said something about her kids being present, to which Belle replied, without turning around, “Don’t look, then. If you gotta go, you gotta go.”

The probable cause statement from police, however, said Belle “turned around and shaked his genitals” at a man who complained and his daughter. The statement does also mention the discovery of two spots of pee near Belle’s car (he was with a friend who peed on the passenger side):


Were there no port-a-potties around, man?

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