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Before Dylan Larkin was a fresh-faced rookie for the Red Wings, he was “D-Boss,” an even more fresh-faced kid hanging out in an unfinished basement with his friend, Evan “EG Slayer” Gizinski. The two teens recorded a video of themselves sniping pucks and reacting to their own filthy shots.

Winging It In Motown says the original video was uploaded in 2012, which would put Larkin at roughly 16 years old. Larkin and Gizinski introduce themselves and show off their hockey sticks, and bring it in for a “Let’s have fun” cheer. Then, the real show begins.

“It’s about to get hot and spicy,” Larkin says, before taking his shots. He and Gizinski get progressively louder as they snipe, but that makes sense. Being excessively pumped about fun things is part of being a teen.


Larkin’s preferred nickname is “Larks,” but from now on, he’s “D-Boss.” It’s official.

[Winging It In Motown]

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