Wizards, They Love Them Hos

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Good rule of thumb: When a professional athlete is arrested for solicitation of a prostitute, we are required to write about it, even if that athlete only average 3.7 points a game last year.

The promising Wizards forward Andray Blatche was busted Thursday morning for trying to pick up an undercover cop with a buddy of his.

According to D.C. police, Blatche and a male acquaintance were arrested at 12:11 yesterday morning in front of 10 Thomas Circle in Northwest Washington after attempting to solicit sex from a female police officer in the prostitution enforcement unit. He appeared in D.C. Superior Court yesterday evening and was released. He also was wanted for failure to appear on a charge of driving without a license, stemming from an arrest in October 2006, according to charging documents.


We have to say, as far as NBA off-court sexual malfeasance goes, we'll take the Thwarted Courtesan Threesome over the Masturbating In Your Limo To Porn. At least Blatche was trying.


Blatche Charged With Solicitation [Washington Post]

(UPDATE: Here's the transcript from the police report. It's kind of awesome.

Blatche:Hey, what's up with you
UC: You tell me
Blatche: I'm trying to see what your doing
UC: What do you want head or fuck
Blatche: Well I want both
UC: And what about you
Friend: I want the same
UC: I charge $80 but I do two at the same time
Blatche: Aight
UC: So $80 is good for you
Blatche: Yeah I'm good with it
UC: And what about you
Friend: Yeah $80 is good
UC: Aight you want to pull right
Blatche: Naw
UC: I have a room right here
Blatche: Oh OK



The undercover officer gave a pre-arranged signal to the Prostitution Enforcement Unit arrest team and the defendant(s) was then stopped.)