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Eddie Griffin's Odd Film Choices

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In case you were in desperate need of some of the inside details of the Eddie Griffin masturbating in his car story — and, obviously, you were, because what person in his right mind isn't? — the official PDF version of the complaint in the lawsuit against him has been released. Our personal favorite section:

Defendant Griffin was under the influence of alcohol and negligently not paying attention to the direction of travel ahead of him due in part to the fact he was watching a pornographic DVD which was displayed on a mounted in-dash DVD player, located near the steering column, in his Escalade video. He was manually manipulating his genitals which he described to a witness, after the accident, as "jacking off." DVD jackets with pornographic titles "Anal Action" and "Privates" were seen in the driver/passenger area of the vehicle. The items were viewed by the officers at the scene, whereupon they laughed.


OK, we'll fess: We don't believe there was really a porn film called "Privates" at the scene. "Privates" would have to be the worst name for a porn film we've ever heard.

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