The headline pretty much says it all, doesn't it? John Wessling and Anson Ainsworth, radio show hosts in Houston, pass along this incredible story of bitchiness and greed. Jason Elia, a television writer living in Nashville, went to the trouble of getting Super Bowl tickets for himself and his girlfriend and was even going to propose to her at the game on Christmas, but life got in the way. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and upon hearing the news, his girlfriend apparently dumped him on the spot.

Now, she still wants the tickets because she claims they were purchased with her in mind. Rather than suffering such an injustice, Jason is auctioning the tickets off on Twitter. Whoever gets Jason the most Twitter followers by the end of the Pro Bowl will get the tickets. Currently a webcam girl is in the lead, promising five minute shows to anyone who follows Jason. She has sent approximately 250 followers so far. You can find Jason on twitter at @notjasonelia.

Listen to the full audio at ESPN 97.5 in Houston.

UPDATE (5:20 p.m.): We've been told the announcement will be made some time Tuesday night as announced on Jason's twitter feed.