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Here's a somewhat amusing pitch forwarded to us by two people in the past 12 hours from an aspiring author named Lisa Monks who's writing a tell-all about some of her NBA bedroom conquests. From her [sic]'d email — sent to a couple gossip mags — it promises these not-so-explosive bombshells:

SUBJECT: Kardashian/Humphries/ details of what it's like to sleep with Kim's sexy fiancee!! and a book to follow that includes juicy details of other famous ballers!

I have a book that's almost ready to publish how not to marry a baller. All the mistakes I've made, and juicy details of the famous athletes I've been with.

This would be a great headline and great timing with Kris Humphries, Bosh and Lebron being big news right now. The heat are in the play offs, Kris' engagement. You can get the inside scoop on the book I have coming out. It's the truth about being mixed up with these guy's, not the glamourised version about trips and shopping.


Monks is 44, Canadian and looking for love, which she may have to find in the publishing business now that she's abandoned hopes for a stable relationship with a professional athlete. Oh if some of you were saying "I bet that lady has a sparkly MySpace page with excerpts from her unpublished book about banging Kim Kardashian's fiancee," after reading Lisa's pitch go ahead and high-five yourselves, winners. Also, Monks should set think about setting her sights on this fella. They could compare desperation notes.



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