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Woman With Bicycle Gets Hit By Cop Car, Police Show Off The Video

Cicelia McKinnon's kind of broke, so she didn't want the cops to ticket her for not having lights on her bike. She went out of her way to stay away from a well-lit area. That's when she got hit by a deputy's 2008 Ford Crown Victoria squad car in Collier County, Fla. Don't worry: She lived.

She said she probably didn't see the deputy because her glasses are broken. When asked how bad her vision is, McKinnon said. "It's pretty bad." ... Right now I can't afford glasses. They're expensive."


Poor thing.

Question at hand: Why the hell did the cops release this borderline snuffumetary?

"It helps illustrate what happened that evening in this unfortunate accident," Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kristi Lester said in an e-mail.

Yes, Kristi, video tends to do that.

Collier Sheriff's Office releases video of woman being struck by deputy's car [Naples News]


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