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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Women Can Do Anything Men Can Do, And That Includes Bench-Clearing Brawls Between Football Teams

Football's best rivalry might just be between the Boston Militia and the D.C. Divas, a pair of teams that compete in something called the Women's Football Alliance. On Saturday, the two met for the third time this season, and according to CBS Boston, police eventually had to intervene to break up the cleat-stomping, helmet-swinging melee you see above.

It began, like all good brawls do, with lots of shit talk:

"It was festering but you never thought it would've got to that point," said Boston's quarterback Allison Cahill.

Boston Militia defensive back Jennifer Powell says all she can remember is having her helmet ripped off her head and then getting attacked by D.C. Diva players.

"A large amount of the girls came over and I had cleat marks on my back," said Powell.


Powell said she planned to press charges against the unnamed Diva she claims started the whole thing.

[CBS Boston]

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