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Dalhousie University, in Halifax, wasn't having a great season. The Tigers were 2-8-2, good for last in their division. They're probably not going to climb out of that hole since the team forfeited all their remaining games, after all but a handful of players have been suspended for their roles in freshman hazing earlier this year.

Nineteen of the 24 players were suspended, and will have to reapply to make the team next season. The remaining five are freshmen, and were presumably the hazees—but they're not enough to field a team. What could possibly have been so bad to justify blowing up an entire season? The university's being coy about it.

Dalhousie University spokesman Charles Crosby wouldn't provide details on what happened at the party.

"In the interest of privacy of everyone involved, I don't want to get involved into the particulars of it," Crosby said.

"We know that it involved excessive drinking, intimidation, humiliation, personal disrespect - in short, bullying."


But drinking, intimidation, humiliation, and disrespect are the pillars of hockey!

Whatever happened, it occurred in September, and the university launched an investigation after a parent of one of the players complained. The probe was reportedly completed in November, but they "decided to wait until after the exam period was over" before punishing anyone.

Photo via Christopher Parent

We'd very much like to know more about what went down. Have any insight? Let us know.

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