Women's Professional Soccer Is Officially Dead

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The WPS announced today that the league has officially folded, and there will be no effort to rebuild after an already-cancelled 2012 season. I can give you two reasons for this rough news, and one is Dan Borislow, possibly the worst man in sports.


Go read our Dan Borislow section. The fact the MagicJack owner has gotten away with so much mismanagement, amateurism, and downright abuse and harassment of his players speaks to a league not strong enough to survive, and fan and media bases not large enough to care.

The second reason is more simple and damning: women's professional soccer (the concept, not the league) just isn't viable in America. After that wonderful 1999 World Cup, there was the thought that the country could support a small top-flight league. The WUSA lasted three seasons. After a break, WPS tried its hand. It lasted three seasons.

The league sent out two press releases today, one right after another. The first says that they have settled Dan Borislow's suit against them for terminating his franchise. The second confirmed what's been rumored for months: that WPS will be shuttered permanently. It's bad news for the players, and for the fans—they do, indeed, exist. But there won't be too many in mourning today. If there were, it wouldn't have come to this.