Woody Paige Refutes His Own Refutation

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About three weeks ago, "Cold Pizza" dog-food eater Woody Paige denied rumors that he was leaving New York and all its Atlantic Video goodness to go back to The Denver Post and write columns about, uh, wearing funny hats or something. He said the rumors were just rumors.


Well, WRONG. Paige is officially leaving the network to head back to Denver on December 1. From The Denver Post editor:

After taking his act to Broadway for a little over two years, Woody Paige is returning home and to our sports pages as a columnist. As many of you know, Woody went to ESPN where he became a bit of a phenomenon on Around The Horn and Cold Pizza. But Woody has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to his "first love" of writing. That yearning only grew and we began discussing his possible return about two months ago. I am happy to report Woody will rejoin The Post on Dec. 1. He also will retain a relationship with ESPN as a regular on Around The Horn, which will be filmed in the ESPN studio we built near the design department.


Wait: Paige was a "phenomenon?" Awesome! We totally missed that. Some have said that this could be the final nail in "Cold Pizza"'s coffin, but we've heard that a million times before and, no offense Woody, but we can't imagine he'd be that difficult to replace. (Besides, we imagine "Cold Pizza" being cremated.) We wish Paige good luck on his tour back to Denver, and we wish Denver Post readers even MORE luck.

Brace Yourself, Denver: Woody's Coming Home! [The Big Lead]