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Woody Paige Enters Mode Of Retreat

We've made fun of "Cold Pizza"'s and "Around The Horn"'s Woody Paige around these parts, if just because we're one of the 13 people on Earth who actually watches "Cold Pizza." (Unless they're playing Plinko on "The Price Is Right.") Also, because Paige isn't against the notion of eating dog food on live television.


But it appears Paige is starting to get wise: It appears he's back to writing his Denver Post column. He had abandoned the column when he became a full-time ESPN talking head in NYC, but persistent rumors that the show is in serious trouble might have finally taken their toll.

If we may, however; we'd like to provide some unsolicited advice to "Cold Pizza" producers, in hopes they might save the show: Hire this guy!


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(UPDATE: Paige is refuting the rumors.)

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